Monday, 8 October 2012

Another reason to use Linux - free stuff even from Intel !

Intel compiler is not free under windows, though you do have 30 day trial !
But under Linux, it's all free here!
Including Intel c++ compiler & Vtune etc useful tools !

Non-commercial software development means you are NOT paid and/or compensated in any form, by anyone, for software development using the Intel® Software Development Products under the terms of the non-commercial license.
If you meet the above requirements for non-commercial software development, the products below are available under the non-commercial license for your use.  Please select a product to initiate the download process.  Also, please read the product’s end user license agreement, including the “NONCOMMERCIAL-USE LICENSE” section, upon installation of the product.

Product Suites

Compilers and Libraries

Performance Libraries

Performance Profilers

Thread and Memory Checkers

Other Free Resources from Intel

Why we should consider Intel c++ compiler, see below:

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